Weekend Trip to New York (Part 1)

The original plan was to go to New York, book a hotel for a night, meet @lalalinemachine, do a little shopping, then go back home. But plans change and you really can’t do anything except to just go with it.

My coworkers wanted to go to New York as well and one of my coworkers offered us to stay at her daughters house in the Bronx so we didn’t have to pay for a hotel room. I had fun but I was really disappointed when, because of scheduling conflicts, I didn’t get to see Lalin /sadface but oh well, we’ll see each other in Manila when I visit around the end of the year.

I wanted to get back into blogging (and I decided to mainly do it here because idk, my other blog is kind of meh) and so here are some photos from our trip! 

*photo layouts are from Pugly Pixel. Her membership fee is so cheap and yet the quality of her freebies/membership stuff is amazing. Go check her out.*

I was pretty pissed off at the Chinese bus we rode to get to New York because it took us eight freakin’ hours to get there. It was different from the one I always rode on, because that other bus only took six hours and you always arrive on time and they drop you off right in Canal St. which is great. But this bus was just so, ugh. 

Moving on… We arrived at around 5 pm I think? Everyone was tired and we were so hungry so we went to the one place we wanted to go to that day which was Jollibee in Queens. Unfortunately it was Friday and because it was Holy Week we couldn’t eat any red meat so we all ordered the only fish meal from the menu. It was good though. 

We walked a little bit around Queens but eventually we all just wanted to get to the house and rest. Good thing I brought my laptop because there was no Wi-Fi in their house and our source of entertainment came from my portable hard drive. We slept late but we were so tired from the travel that eventually each and everyone of us started to drift off to sleep.

The next day we went to visit the usual tourist spots (because most of my coworkers haven’t been to New York, we made sure they saw all the tourist-y places hehe) and it was fun. Mostly because my boyfriend was there and it was our first time to go to another state, and everything was so different from back home that we just made the most out of it. 

Part 2 in a bit, I still have to do my homework before the weekend starts! :)