My Very Own Paradise Falls

Do you remember that scene in Up when Carl and Ellie start saving up for Paradise Falls? (Up still makes me cry, I’m sorry)

Me and Greg were at Target, shopping for stuff to put in my room to make it more organized, when I spotted a lot of piggy banks in one corner. After about five minutes of squealing, I picked the one that I really liked from the whole section:

(The best part of it is that you can even write on it!)

It’s so massive, and so cute too! 

I’ve been meaning on saving up for something big, something I can later look back on and think, “It was all worth it.” It just so happens that I want to travel and I thought, why not put aside money for this? So there.

I plan on only putting in quarters so that it’ll take more time to fill it up. All the money that comes from here is to be spent on traveling, preferably with Greg, hehe.

Here’s to me and hoping I fill this baby up ASAP!